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Political regions attributes

Attributes describe important components of a political region. You can add the following attributes:


Add the homepage of the official private/government website for your feature. If the website has a subpage that is specific to the feature, use that link instead.

Do not add personal contact information, third party websites, websites under construction or websites with malicious content.


Choose a category below that best describes the type of feature being mapped.

  • Country: Countries are already mapped and cannot be created on Map Maker.
  • State: States are the primary level of division within a country and most states have already been mapped on Map Maker. States may also be known as Provinces, Regions, Governorates, among other names. For some regions in the world, creating or editing a state may not be allowed.
  • District: Districts divide the State into further divisions. A district includes multiple cities and may also be known as a county, parish, and more.
  • Minor Civil Divisions: A district is divided further into minor civil divisions, which are also known as municipalities, communes, and more.
  • City/Town/Village: Cities, towns, and villages are considered regions where people live. All countries have these divisions.
  • Locality: A locality is a fairly large portion of a city that has an official name. A locality can consist of several housing colonies/developments. Cities in some parts of the world may not have official localities.
  • Sub-Locality/Neighborhood: A sub-locality or neighborhood is a smaller section of a city.


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