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Add a place

Before you add a place, check if it exists on the map. If not, follow the steps below:

  • Open Map Maker.
  • In the top left, click Add New.
  • Select Add a Place.
  • Select the Satellite view and zoom in to the appropriate location.
  • Drop the marker on top of the building where your place exists.
  • From the drop-down menu, select a category. You can also search for a category.
  • Enter the name of the place. To add multiple names, click Add more names. To add more details, click Continue. To discard your edit, click Cancel.
  • Click Save.

Note: Check if the name you choose follows the guidelines.

Map Maker might provide a list of possible duplicates. If the place you want to add is already in this list, select the duplicate item and click Continue. A P.O. box number is not a physical address.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add my home?

You can add your house address and make it searchable on maps by selecting the category “Address” from Add a place menu. Learn how to add your home.

You can also add your apartment or condominium complex. Do not add any personal details such as "My home", "Joe's home" and so on.

How to add an ATM to maps?

  • To add ATMs, use the category “ATM” and add as a distinct feature.
  • Do not add an ATM within a bank if it is accessible only within the working hours of the bank.
  • You can add ATMs from different banks as a separate feature. If there are multiple ATMs of the same bank in one place, you can add them as a single feature.
  • You can include “ATM” in the name such as “XYZ bank ATM”

Why can’t I add an outline to a building?

Adding an outline is temporarily unavailable on Google Map Maker.

How long does it take to update my business on Google Maps?

Edits pass through these stages:

  • Approval by a moderation system, regional leads, or Google moderators
  • Publishing to the Google Maps database of places
  • Rendering on the Google Maps canvas

The time it will take for your business to get added to the Google Maps database depends on who reviews your edit. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail. It may take some time to appear on Google Maps.

I’m unable to find the right category. What should I do?

If you can’t find your category, choose the closest category from the list.

Can a practitioner who offers a service under his own name, like a doctor, have more than one listing on Google Maps?

A practitioner or a professional business can have one listing of their services per location.

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