Place attributes


Choose an appropriate category for your feature to ensure that the place is displayed with an appropriate icon and color code in the Map view.

To add a category, type in the name of the appropriate category and Map Maker will display relevant options for you to choose from.

If the category that you wish to select is missing, choose the most relevant category from the list. Add other categories to help generate high-quality search results.

  1. Add a place.
  2. In the details section on the left, select the Category section at the left hand panel.
  3. Click Add Category.
  4. Select Other categories that are relevant to the feature from the drop-down menu.
  5. To add multiple Other categories, click Add Category after each entry.

Working hours

Enter the hours of operation. The Working hours field is available for all business listings. To specify the working hours, select the appropriate days in the drop-down menu and enter the hours of operation.

Contact Information

Add official information to expedite the review process.

Phone/ Fax/ Mobile: Add the primary contact number for a main desk or information line. If there's a phone number that's specific to the particular place, add the direct line instead. Follow the standard international access notation: “+(country code)(area code)(fax/phone/mobile number).”

Website: Add the homepage of the official website for your feature. If the website has a subpage that is specific to the feature, use that link instead. You can also add official government websites for features like famous parks and landmarks.

  • Please refrain from entering third-party websites, under construction websites or websites with malicious content.

Email: For commercial features, only add an email address that exists within the company domain (e.g., Separate multiple email addresses with a comma (e.g.,,

Do not add personal contact information, third party websites, websites under construction or websites with malicious content.

Building /Boundary

How to associate a place

A place can either be inside a building(s) or can be an independent space covering building(s) and ground(s). You can associate the place with a building or create an outline of the place. To associate:

  1. Add a place
  2. In the details section on the left, select the Building/Boundary attribute at the left hand panel
  3. Choose the options which describes your place the best:
    • This place is entirely inside a building
    • This place occupies grounds and buildings
    • I don’t know - Select this option if you do not have any information about the establishment or you're not certain which option best describes it.
  4. Choose the building(s) or draw an outline of the grounds:
    • Click Select a building and choose the appropriate building(s) from the map.
    • Click Draw Outline to mark the outline of the feature/grounds.

I can’t see the building:

The building(s) you’re associating the feature should be already mapped. If not, add the buildings separately and once your edits are published, associate them with your feature. Learn more about guidelines to add a building.

Best practices for associating a place:

  • Outline the building's baseline rather than its shape. The baseline, or foundation of the building, may not necessarily match the shape of the building in satellite imagery.
  • You can add multiple polygons inside another polygon. Example: shopping malls with parking lots, hospitals with separate blocks and so on. Capture the entire area occupied by the feature with a Boundary (Parent Polygon) and mark individual buildings separately with Building Outline (Child Polygon).