Upload a feed

After you've created and registered your feed, use it to upload your data.

This article explains the different methods for uploading a feed, and how to use each of those methods.

Before you begin

Upload options

If you're new to the Manufacturer Center, a direct upload is a simple way to get started.

Note: If you're submitting a compressed file, it must be under 4 GB. If your file is larger than 4 GB, split it into multiple smaller files before uploading.

When uploading your data feed to Manufacturer Center, you have several upload options. Once you've uploaded a data feed, you may also create a schedule to update your feed automatically.

Direct upload (files under 4 GB in size)

  1. Sign in to your Manufacturer Center account.
  2. From the page menu, click Products, then click Feeds.
  3. Locate your feed from the list of registered files. In the "Name" column, click the feed name associated with the file you'd like to submit.
  4. On the page that loads, click the 3-dot icon located in the "Processing" section.
  5. Select Upload input file from the dropdown.
  6. Drag and drop or select your feed file.
  7. (Optional) If you'd like to test your feed before incorporating the data, select Upload as a test.
  8. Click Upload.

The upload may take several minutes, depending on the size of your file and the speed of your Internet connection. The status of any feed can be found in the Processing section of the feed. The status of your entire product catalog can be found on the Diagnostics page under Products, approximately 30 minutes after the feed finishes processing.

SFTP upload (files under 4 GB in size)

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a secure means of submitting a large amount of product data. Learn more about SFTP

GCS upload

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to store and access your data on Google's infrastructure. Learn more about submitting feeds via Google Cloud Storage

Scheduled fetches (files under 4 GB in size)

The Scheduled fetches input method allows you to create an uploading schedule for your data feed hosted on your website. Based on the schedule you create, Google will make an effort to download the file from your server or website and upload it to your account for you in accordance with your schedule. Learn more about scheduling and server or website options

Manufacturer Center API (advanced)

The Manufacturer Center API allows apps to interact directly with the Manufacturer Center platform, vastly increasing the efficiency of managing large or complex Manufacturer Center accounts. The Manufacturer Center API can be used as an input source for product data in the Manufacturer Center, directly delivering your data as it is updated on your site. Learn more about getting started with the Manufacturer Center API

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