product page url [product_page_url]

Provide a product page url [product_page_url] that refers to a product details page that contains the richest and most accurate content for the exact product variant. This link should be on a domain that you own and manage, and it should not link to an external e-commerce platform. This link won't be displayed to users.

Google  Manufacturer Center - product page url

When to use

Optional for all products.


To make sure we understand the data you're submitting, follow these formatting guidelines:

Type URL (including http or https), ASCII characters only, and RFC 3986 compliant
Limits Up to 2000 characters
Repeated field No


File format Example value
Text feeds
XML feeds <link></link>


To make sure you submit high-quality data for your products, follow these requirements and best practices.

Minimum requirements

To use this attribute to upload your product's data, follow these minimum requirements. If your attribute is disapproved, we'll notify you in the Diagnostics page of your Manufacturer Center account. 

  • Start with http or https and comply with RFC 3986. For example:
  • Use your verified domain name. Make sure to use the domain name that you registered during account setup. Replace any symbols or spaces with URL encoded entities. For example, if your URL contains an &, then replace it with %26.

Best practices

To optimize your product data's performance, follow these best practices: 

  • Use a stable URL. The URL that you include shouldn’t change unless your landing page moves. For example, don’t use URLs with timestamps or parts that could change each time you submit your product data. 
  • Pre-select the correct variant. Link to your landing page with the correct variant selected. Still remember to submit your variant details through the appropriate attributes such as color [color], size [size], and age group [age_group].
  • Use microdata. Use microdata to indicate how elements on your landing page correspond with your product data. Specifically, make sure that your microdata matches the variant displayed on your landing page. Learn more about microdata


Product with no variants

Attribute Value
link [link]

Product with variants

When including a URL for a product with variants, make sure that the variant is automatically selected based on the URL.

Attribute Value
link [link]


Attribute Value
link [link]

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