mpn [mpn]

Use the mpn [mpn] attribute to submit your product’s Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). MPNs are used to uniquely identify a specific product among all products from the same manufacturer. Users might search specifically for an MPN, so providing the MPN can help ensure that your product is shown in relevant situations.

Google manufactures center - brand

When to use

Recommended for all products with a unique MPN. 


To make sure we understand the data you're submitting, follow these formatting guidelines:

Type String (Unicode characters. Recommended: ASCII only)
Limits Up to 1000 characters
Repeated field No


File format Example value
Text GO12345OOGLE
XML feeds <g:mpn>GO12345OOGLE</g:mpn>



Follow these guidelines to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products.

Minimum requirements

To make sure you submit high-quality data for your products, follow these minimum requirements. If your attribute is disapproved, we'll notify you in the Key Actions page of your Manufacturer Center account.

  • Submit all relevant unique product identifiers: You are required to submit the brand [brand] and gtin [gtin] attributes. When you submit product identifiers, we can better understand your products, connect customers to your products' ads, and make those ads richer. Learn more about product identifier attributes
  • Distinguish between variants: Make sure you use the correct MPN for each product. Usually, each variant of a product (e.g. different colors or sizes) has its own MPN, so make sure to submit the correct value. Note: An exception is when apparel products have the same MPN. In this case, do not submit any MPNs in Manufacturer Center.


Food and beverages

Google Manufacturers Center - Food and beverage

Attribute Value
title [title] Tanya’s Goat Farm Bio Goat Milk - 1l
brand [brand] Tanja’s Goat Farm
gtin [gtin] 0614141123452
mpn [mpn] gtmlk-1l


Google manufactures center - brand

Attribute Value
title [title] Google Chromecast 2 - 1080p - Wi-Fi - Black
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 7894892017139
mpn [mpn] H2G2-42


If your product comes in multiple colors or sizes, you have different unique product identifiers for each of these variants. For example:

Google manufacturer center - tablet

Attribute Value
title [title] Google T-shirt - Green - Small
color [color] green
size [size] s
id [id] 9876-S-GRN
item group id [item_group_id] 9876
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 9504000059422
mpn [mpn] 00638HAY


Attribute Value
title [title] Google T-shirt - Blue - Small   
color [color] blue
size [size] s
id [id] 9876-S-BLU
item group id [item_group_id] 9876
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 9504000059433
mpn [mpn] 00638NIC


Attribute Value
title [title] Google T-shirt - Yellow - Small
color [color] yellow
size [size] s
id [id] 9876-S-YELLOW
item group id [item_group_id] 9876
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 9504000059446
mpn [mpn] 00638ANG

Phone or tablet

Google Manufacturers Center - Nexus phone

Attribute Value
title [title] Google Nexus 6 - 32 GB - Midnight Blue - unlocked
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 0614141123452
mpn [mpn] 00638NAGPE

Products with no MPN

Some products don’t have a unique MPN assigned, and so you don’t need to submit one.

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