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To share manufacturer information about your products with Google, you need a Manufacturer Center account. Manufacturer Center accounts are available for brand manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers of products distributed in eligible countries. You will use your Manufacturer Center account to manage information about your company and brands that you own or license.


  1. Sign in to the email account that you want linked to your Manufacturer account. Use a Google email account or link a non-Google email account.  Note: To allow multiple people to access your Manufacturer account, each person should have their own Google account, and then each Google account needs to be added as a user to the shared Manufacturer Center. Learn more about why we discourage shared Google accounts.
  2. Visit and follow the prompts to provide your account information:
    1. Account details: Identify the primary contact for this account. Google sends all notification emails to this email account, unless you opt out via account settings.
    2. Data partners: Provide information about your third-party data partners. List the name and email address of the primary contact person who will manage your data.
    3. Company details: Provide the name and website of your company.
    4. Brand details: Provide information for one of your brands. You can add more brands after your account is created. Learn how to enter a new brand.
  3. Read and agree to the Manufacturer Center Terms of Service. Click Continue to submit your application.

After you finish account setup, log in to your Manufacturer Center account any time. 

Tip! Learn more about Google’s preferred data partners. You can also learn more about working with data partners
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