Manage your brand information

The first step in using your Manufacturer Center account is to enter your brand information. You can register all brands that you own or license. After completing that step, you'll be able to enter product information for those brands. You'll only be able to enter product data for brands that have been registered, and products uploaded in your feed must have brand names that exactly match the brand names registered. You can enter new brands at any time.

After you enter your brands, you can edit, delete, or review your brand portfolio using the below steps.

Enter a new brand

A brand is a name under which an item or a family of items is sold and marketed. It may be the same as the Manufacturer name, or it may be different in some cases. Brands must be entered individually.

Any time you want to add information about a new brand that you own or license, you may either click Add new Brand on the "Brands" tile, or select Brands on the left-hand navigation menu and click on +Brand. Once a brand has been entered, you may choose to edit or delete it.

Don’t add a different version or a variant of your brand as a new brand. For example, if you have an existing brand “Google”, you can’t add “Google India” or “Google UK” as a new brand.
  1. Enter the required information:
    • Brand name
      • We define a brand as the name under which a product is marketed and sold. It is not a "product line" or "sub-brand". It is the name consumers would use to identify products made by a specific manufacturer.
      • Don’t include additional language in your brand such as ™, Inc., Corp., or Ltd.
      • Ensure that the brand capitalization is accurate, for example, brand Acme should be entered as Acme and not ACME.
    • Brand owner
      • If you own the brand, select your company name.
      • If rights to use the brand are licensed from another manufacturer or brand owner, select Licensed.
    • Brand website URL
      • Each brand can have only one URL. The URL must begin with http:// or https:// and it should preferably list or reference all products of that brand.
  2. We recommend that you also add information in the optional fields:
    • Brand logo
      • Please submit the largest, highest resolution, full-size image you have, up to 10MB file size.
      • The accepted image formats are WEBP (.webp), PNG (.png), non-animated GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), and BMP (.bmp).
      • We recommend images at least 800 pixels in height and width. Do not scale up images or submit thumbnails.
  3. Click Save.

After you save your new brand information, it will be listed as "Pending review". Once the brand has been reviewed, it will either display as “Approved” or "Rejected". Any subsequent changes to the information will trigger another review. Keep in mind that information that's "Pending Review" or "Rejected" is not exported to Shopping ads.

Note: It can take up to 48 hours for your brand to be approved. After your brand has been approved, it is recommended to wait for another 24 hours before uploading a feed.
Edit an existing brand

To edit your existing brands, follow these steps:

  1. Select Brands in the left navigation panel. A table of your existing brands will display.
  2. Select the brand you would like to edit by clicking on the brand name.
  3. You'll only be able to enter product data for brands that have been registered. Products uploaded in your feed must have brand names that exactly match the brand names registered. To edit the information, click Edit Brand.
  4. Once your edits are complete, click Save changes, or click Cancel to discard your changes and revert to the original information.

Any edits to an existing brand will require verification before they are exported for use in Shopping ads. While edits are pending, the previously verified brand data will continue to be used.

Verification should be completed within 48 hours. Don't make any edits to the brand information while it's pending.

Delete a brand

You may need to delete a brand from your account at some point. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation panel, click Brands. A table of your existing brands will display.
  2. Locate the brand or brands that you'd like to delete, and check the box.
  3. From the "Actions" dropdown, click Delete.
  4. When prompted, click Continue.

Note that deleting a brand is permanent. You may manually re-add a brand if it was deleted by accident, but we will need to re-verify ownership of that brand before exporting data to Shopping ads.

Deleting a brand will not delete the products associated with that brand. Until you select a new brand for the products associated with a deleted brand, the current product information will stop being exported for use in Shopping ads. You will not be able to edit the product information without selecting a new brand, since brand is a required field within product data.

Check your brand verification status

The table on the main "Brands" page displays all the brands that have been uploaded to your Manufacturer account. You can see the fields for which you entered data such as name and website URL. You’ll also see the “Verification status” column.

"Verification status" has four values: “Approved”, "Pending review", “Account in review”, and "Rejected".

  • Approved: Your brand has been successfully processed and products of that brand are being exported for use in Shopping ads.
  • Pending review: Your brand is awaiting review. This status will display if you have just entered a new brand, or if you have edited existing brand information.
  • Account in review: Your account is still in review. This status will display when you’ve just created a new account, which is yet to be approved. Once your account is approved, then your brand gets reviewed. Reviewing of your brand isn’t done if your account is still in review. The status may show “Account in review” for a while. This typically happens when your company email address hasn't yet been verified. Visit the “Account settings” page to see if there is an email in pending verification status.
  • Rejected: Your brand has data errors and is not being exported for use in Shopping ads.

You can filter the table by "Verification status" using the dropdown in the upper right corner of the table.

Brand rejections
Brands are reviewed for data quality after an account is approved. Google reviews all brands, and may ask for more information if we can’t verify the relationship between the brand and the manufacturer. Your brand information can be rejected for the following reasons:
  • The proposed brand is a duplicate of another verified brand in the account. For example, if you have an existing brand “Google”, all other versions or variants of it such as “Google UK”, “Google India”, etc. are considered duplicates and will be rejected.
  • We cannot verify that the account owns or licenses the proposed brand.
  • The proposed brand name has spelling or grammar errors.
  • The proposed brand name contains extraneous information, such as “Google ltd” or “Google brand”.
  • The proposed brand URL does not link to a matching brand page.
  • The proposed brand is linked to a Google+ page that is incorrect, or contains offensive material.
  • The proposed brand logo contains extraneous text, or has low visual quality.
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