Editorial guidelines

All your product submissions should follow three principles:

  • Be honest and factual.
  • Describe your message clearly and accurately.
  • Include relevant and complete information about your products with attributes.

In addition, make sure you:

  • Use standard spelling and grammar.
  • Avoid any repeated and unnecessary use of punctuation, capitalization or symbols. Don't use exclamation points in your product titles. The use of symbols, numbers, and letters should adhere to the true meaning of the symbol.
  • Avoid gimmicky repetition. You may not post excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords.
  • Avoid offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Do not include double quotes around the description field.
  • Do not include any extraneous characters, e.g. asterisks that do not point to a footnote. If you must include a footnote or disclaimer, make sure to include it as the last line in the attribute.
  • Make sure to include all variant information in Titles. If a title does not include all relevant information, such as Brand, Size, Color, etc., it will be rejected.
  • Misspelled or incorrectly punctuated text in any field.


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