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Add your products using the Google catalog

When you create your Manufacturer Center account and after we’ve verified your brand, you may be able to unlock insights for your top performing products. Manufacturer Center automatically detects top performing products that are eligible to be added to your account directly from Google’s catalog of products, which allows you to start using Manufacturer Center immediately, grants you quick access to valuable analytics, and enables you to rapidly optimize your account and improve product data.

This automatic process happens only one time after your account is created, and only adds a limited number of products as a demonstration of Manufacturer Center’s capabilities. After you’ve explored Manufacturer Center, you can start adding more products. Learn more about creating a product feed and adding more products

Important: Not all accounts or brands are eligible for this feature. This depends on several factors including whether or not top performing products associated with your brand were found in our system.

How it works

After your brand is approved in Manufacturer Center, the system will try to identify the top performing products belonging to the brand. If this process is successful, you’ll be prompted both via email and in your Manufacturer Center account to unlock insights for your top performing products. Unlocking insights automatically adds product data to your account, and you’ll be able to access analytics for these products . You can always edit or remove products that were automatically added to your account.

Note: Although automatically added products may have titles and images in Manufacturer Center, they will sometimes still appear as disapproved until you edit their titles and images and add descriptions. This is a known limitation, you can reach out to our support team if you have questions about how to resolve this issue.
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