Update your Gmail app

With the latest Gmail app, you'll get:

  • Faster Gmail
  • Better security
  • New features, like email blocking and new formatting options

Update your Gmail app

If you have version 4 or below of the Gmail app, you must update it to a newer version or use Gmail on a web browser.

What you can do with the latest Gmail app

After you update the app, you’ll find these changes to Gmail.

Secure your account

You get the latest security fixes and alerts, like:

  • Warnings when messages aren't secure
  • Warnings about suspicious senders
  • Better authentication and sync 

Learn how to check security alerts in the latest Gmail app

Change fonts, colors, and formats 

Make messages easier to read with bold, colors, and other formats. Gmail shows your messages as if you sent them from a computer.

Learn how to change your formatting.

Block unwanted emails 

If you get messages you don't want, you can now block or unsubscribe from those messages.

Learn how to block senders

Use Gmail features with other accounts  

You can use Gmail features on other accounts you add to the Gmail app.

Learn how to get Gmail features for Yahoo, Outlook, and other non-Gmail accounts.

See all your inboxes

If you've added other accounts to the Gmail app, you can now check all your accounts in one inbox.

Learn how to check all your accounts.

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