Interact with online services from your inbox

RSVP to events, rate restaurants, see your flight details and real-time flight status, and interact with your favorite services - right from the inbox. Certain types of messages show buttons and key information so you can quickly take action.

Action buttons are to the right of the subject while viewing your inbox, and at the top of an open message.

What happens when you click an action button

Some actions, such as rating a restaurant, can be done without even opening the message or leaving Gmail. After you click one of these buttons, Gmail will notify you that your request was sent, or that it failed to send. To confirm that your change was made in the other service, you’ll have to check your account with the sender. Gmail can only confirm that the request was sent and acknowledged by the sender of the message.

Other actions are done outside of Gmail, such as watching a movie. These buttons include an arrow icon  so you’ll know that you’re leaving Gmail. When you click a button with an arrow, you’ll go directly to a page linked to in the message.

Rate and review actions
Rate and review in Gmail

The ratings and reviews you write are published to the website of the service you used. Once submitted, you can go to the service's website to see your ratings or reviews and edit or delete if you need to.

For example, if you rented a movie from Acme Video Company, they might send you an email asking you to review the movie. When you review the movie from within Gmail, your review is submitted to Acme Video Company just as if you submitted it on Acme’s website.

Action buttons are determined by the sender

Gmail supports a variety of actions. It's up to the message sender to select one of these action types and provide the right information to set it up correctly. The sender controls which actions are available and determines the button text.

If you notice a problem with a particular sender’s buttons or text, please contact the sender through their feedback channels.

If you’re a developer who wants to use this feature, or if you just want to learn more, visit the developer site.

Your Google information is not shared

Action buttons enable you to interact directly with services with which you have already established a relationship. When you click an action button for a service, Google does not share additional information from your Google Account, such as your name, address, or phone number, with the service.