Typical prices for provider services

Note: Typical price estimates are only available in the U.S.

Knowing the typical prices for a service in your ZIP code can help you estimate the cost of your job before booking it with a Local Services provider.

The prices shown are only an estimate of the typical price range and don’t represent the actual prices charged by Local Services providers. You should directly contact the providers to get an accurate assessment of work and the actual costs for your project.

A user interface demonstrating the typical price for a particular service on Local Services.

Sources of pricing information

Google partners with Homewyse to give you pricing information for services in your area. Homewyse is an online reference that provides cost breakdowns and pricing estimates for common remodeling, installation, maintenance, and repair services in a particular area.

How Homewyse calculates cost data

Homewyse periodically collects and normalizes data for material unit pricing, equipment, and disposal costs using industry publications, operating experience, and best practices. Labor wages and overhead cost metrics are based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other references. You can see detailed sources for cost data by selecting your service from the Homewyse Cost Calculators or by searching for the service on Homewyse.

Actual cost of service

The price information provided should be used as a guide only. The actual cost of service may vary widely based on the provider you choose and the specific details of your job. You should contact the Local Services provider to get actual costs for your unique project. Learn how to connect with Local Services providers.

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