Reviews and ratings for Local Services providers

Google asks customers to rate and review each business featured in Local Services ads. These ratings can appear in search results, as well as in each provider’s profile.

How to review a service

After the scheduled date of your service, you may be asked to give your feedback and rating for the business.

Local Services providers are rated on a 5-point scale. You can make a rating based on your experience, and can also write a review. When you leave detailed information about your experience, it can help other customers to make informed decisions.

Anonymous reviews

If you don’t want your name to be associated with your review, you can make your review and rating anonymous. Anonymous reviews contain the approximate date the service was performed (week or month), the type of service provided, and the city where the service was performed, but not your name or profile photo.

Google verified reviews

Reviews for providers found and hired through Local Services include a "Google verified" label. This means that the customer who wrote the review booked the service provider through Local Services by Google.

Local Services providers also have reviews for services not booked through Google. These reviews don’t have a “Google verified” label. 

Edit or delete reviews

If you need to change or delete a review you submitted, contact us.

Note: Google has a strict policy against fake reviews. Google reserves the right to take down any review deemed to be fake or that doesn’t comply with Google’s user content and conduct policies.

Additional questions about the provider

After posting a rating and review, you may be asked a few additional questions about the service provider (for example, “Did the provider make every attempt to arrive on time?”). Your answers will be combined with other customer responses and may be shown to Google users. We don't share your name and personal details.

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