Connect with Local Services providers

Local Services helps you find the right provider for services in your area. You can:

  • Find, evaluate, and hire a provider -- all in one place.
  • Check each provider's information, including reviews, qualifications, and services, in a consistent and clear format.
  • Connect directly with any provider over the phone.
  • Send a message and get replies with quotes or relevant information from Google Guaranteed providers. Learn more about the Google Guarantee

To get more information about a provider, check the provider’s profile. You'll see the provider’s qualifications, hours of operation, services offered, areas served, and more. You’ll also see ratings and reviews from customers who have worked with the provider.

A provider may also choose to highlight specific aspects of their operation in the Business bio section. These highlights can help you choose the right provider for your service.

If you're a provider looking to get started on Local Services, sign up here.

To connect with Local Services providers, you may choose one of the below options:

  • Call them directly. When you call a provider number displayed on the search page, your call will be forwarded through Google to the provider’s business number. 
    All phone calls, emails, and text-based communications delivered through Google may be monitored or recorded to detect spam or fraudulent behavior and for quality or research purposes. Learn more about how this information is used and about Google’s privacy policy
  • Send a message. Some providers may be eligible to receive messages.To send a text-message request, find the provider you’re interested in contacting, and click the message icon Direct message on a mobile device.
    You may also send a text message to that number directly if you’ve previously contacted the provider and the provider’s phone number is text-enabled. To send an email request, find the provider you’re interested in contacting, and click the Message button on a desktop computer.


Messages are currently only available in select verticals in the US. When you send a message, your name, ZIP code, job details, and phone number are shared with providers. Google doesn’t share your email address. Instead, Google routes your back-and-forth communications with providers through an anonymized alias.

If you are contacting a pro who is a member of an affiliate partner network (e.g., Thumbtack), your name, ZIP code, and job details will be shared with the affiliate partner.  Google will not share your contact information, including email or phone number with the affiliate partner or their provider. Your communications with that pro will be routed through Google and the affiliated partner through an anonymized alias.

If you selected a Google partner affiliate pro, your message may be delivered through the affiliate and subject to their terms of use.

What to do if you don't get a response

Some Google Guaranteed providers might not be able to contact you within one business day. In that case, you can try calling the provider, finding and contacting another provider, or contacting us.

Service costs and payment

Services can range in price, depending on the type of service you need, your location, and the scope of the service. Google connects you with Local Services providers, but doesn’t guarantee or determine pricing. You should work with the provider to decide on service details, and determine pricing and payment methods before using their services.

Resolve cancellations and other issues

If a Google Guaranteed provider cancels your appointment and doesn’t reschedule for a time that works for you, please contact us. We'll do our best to help you find another provider.

If you're unhappy with the service provided by a Google Guaranteed provider hired through Local Services, try to resolve the issue with the provider first. If you're unable to come to a resolution, submit a claim.

Rate and review providers

After a Google Guaranteed provider completes a service for you, Google or the provider may ask you to rate and review the provider. This helps other customers and Google to evaluate the provider. Serious or repeatedly negative customer feedback may result in lower rankings for providers (including not showing at all). For more information on Local Services ads, see our policy.
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