Local Services Ads overview

Your Local Services ad helps you attract customers to your business. Your ad highlights the most important information for customers to choose your business: services offered, service area, hours, and reviews.

How ads work

When you sign up for Local Services Ads, we’ll ask you to provide your business information, such as your business hours, service area, and services offered. This information is used to generate your business profile.

Your ad will show a preview of your business profile. When users click on your ad, they’ll find your profile. You can edit this information at any time. Learn more about editing your Local Services Ad

What’s in your ad

Depending on whether your business is Google Screened or Google Guaranteed, your ad might look different. Here are a few examples:

Google Guaranteed Ads

Examples of how Guaranteed Ads appear

Example of how your ad might look

Google Screened Ads

Examples of how Google Screened Ads appear

Example of how your ad might look

Your ad contains the following information:

Business name The name of your business.
Phone number A tracking number will be displayed. Calls to this number will be forwarded to your business phone number.
Location Your business city may be displayed. This is either the address of your business, or the city where you live or work. In some cases, we may show the cities you service instead.
Reviews Your reviews include reviews from your Business Profile as well as reviews collected directly through Local Services Ads. Partner affiliate listings will include reviews provided to us by the partner platform. All ads will show an average star rating.
Number of reviews The number of your reviews you’ve received may be displayed in parentheses next to your average star rating. Learn more about Local Services Ads reviews
Business hours The hours that your business is open.
Google Guarantee, Google Screened, or License Verified by Google The Google Guarantee badge , Google Screened badge , or License Verified by Google shows customers they can trust your business. Learn more about the Google Guarantee, Google Screened, and License Verified by Google
Photos Photos to show customers your business and your work. These will show in your profile when available. Note that personally identifying photos shouldn't be uploaded. Learn more about photo guidelines
Business bio Highlights about the important aspects of your business, such as whether you are locally-owned or offer free estimates. Learn more about your business bio and callouts

The formatting of your ad may change from time to time. Google adjusts the Local Services ad format to help you attract more leads. Alternate formats may include more or less information.

Note that if you're advertising through a partner affiliate, your profile information is provided to us by the partner affiliate directly. Learn more about partner affiliate providers

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