About Local Services data

If you send your contact information (such as name, phone number or email address) to the providers through Local Services, your information is stored by Google for a limited time so that you and the provider can continue to communicate.

Call recordings

Google and its partners (including affiliate partners, such as HomeAdvisor) may record all calls and text messages between you and Local Services providers and share recordings with each other to detect spam or fraudulent behavior and for quality or research purposes, subject to our privacy policy. In the US, this could include follow-up calls between you and the provider using the Google forwarding numbers that are automatically assigned during your first call.

How your information is used by Google

Google reviews emails, texts, or call recordings routed through Google’s system on a limited basis for the following purposes:

  • To resolve billing disputes
  • To enforce policies that protect consumers and providers against misrepresentation or poor conduct (See examples)
  • To detect spam/fraudulent behavior
  • To resolve Google Guarantee disputes
  • To collect customer feedback (US only)
  • For product improvement
  • To monitor overall customer and provider experience on the platform

In addition, providers may review call recordings in order to track conversations and dispute charges. Google does not monitor or control how providers use the recordings.

Requests to delete your data

You can request to delete your contact information or call recordings from Google by following these steps:

  1. Contact the support team.
  2. Provide the phone number or email address you used when you contacted Local Services providers.
  3. Verify you’re the owner of the phone number or email. You will be asked to confirm a one-time code sent to your phone or email by the support team.
After you speak with the support team, we can delete your personal contact information and call recordings.

What deleting data does

Deleting your contact information:

  • Removes the ability of providers to contact you through Local Services
  • Removes the ability for providers to review your recordings in their accounts (US & Canada only)
  • Removes your contact information from records related to your Local Services requests
  • Will not affect anonymized or aggregated information related to Local Services requests
For more information about how Google collects and uses data, see Google’s privacy policy.

Deleting  data outside of Google

Local Services providers and partner affiliates (such as HomeAdvisor) may independently collect information—such as your phone number, email address, or their own call recordings—under their privacy policy.

Additionally, if you sent a message request to a pro who is a member of an affiliate partner network (such as Thumbtack), then your name, ZIP code, and job details, as well as communications with that pro, may be stored with the affiliate partner.  

Google is not responsible for data stored outside of Google, and cannot guarantee its deletion. You must contact the provider directly for further information about accessing or deleting your data from their systems.

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