About Local Services Ads account suspensions

Local Services Ads take legal requirements and user safety seriously. Advertiser actions that put our users, Google, or our partners at risk can lead to account suspensions. Advertisers whose accounts are suspended will receive an in-account notification and an email notification.

Note: Use our account Policy Manager to automatically check your account status or suspensions and learn what next steps may be needed.

Before you begin

  • Suspended accounts can’t run any ads or create new content. Advertisers can still access their suspended accounts and any associated reports.
  • Local Services accounts related to the suspended account may be suspended.
  • Any new Local Services accounts that the advertiser tries to create may be suspended.

Why accounts are suspended

Local Services policies, Local Services Additional Terms for Providers and Google Ads policies help create a safe and positive experience for users and advertisers. Accounts may be suspended if we find violations of our policies or the Terms.

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