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If you you believe you have located a specific piece of content that is unlawful in your country, but none of our other forms is appropriate, you may use this form to submit a complaint.

Please identify the exact URLs of the content in question, and explain in detail why you believe this content is unlawful. Your request will be evaluated considering our policies governing content removal, and we will review and take action as appropriate.

Please note that completing and submitting this form does not guarantee that any action will be taken on your request.

Please note that even if we eliminate a page from our search results, it will still exist on the web. Google simply aggregates and organizes information published on the web; we don't control the content.

Accordingly, we encourage you to reach out to and resolve disputes directly with the owner(s) of the website(s) in question before directing any request to Google. Visit to learn how to contact a site's webmaster and request a change.
If you would like to submit a complaint regarding a business listing in Google Maps or Google My Business (reviews, questions & answers (Q & A), and business listings), please use the following form:

Your information is a US site regulated by US law. Google provides access to publicly available webpages, but does not control the content of any of the billions of pages currently in the index. Given this fact, and pursuant to section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, Google does not remove allegedly defamatory material from our search results. You will need to work directly with the webmaster of the page in question to have this information removed or changed. If you haven’t yet worked with the webmaster, please visit for more information. Once the material has been modified on the site in question, Google's search results will automatically reflect this change after we next crawl the site.

Please note that this form is not the place to submit a complaint alleging copyright infringement under Section 512 of the DMCA. By submitting via this form, you agree that your complaint need not be treated as such. If you would like to file a copyright complaint, please use this web form:

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Allegedly Infringing Material

FOR WEB SEARCH, YOU MUST IDENTIFY EACH WEBPAGE THAT ALLEGEDLY CONTAINS INFRINGING MATERIAL. Note that you should find the URL in your browser bar after clicking on the search result. Please do not use the green display URL from the search results page.
If you have many URLs to report, we recommend submitting between 10 to 100 per notice for the fastest possible processing time. You can submit multiple URLs by clicking the "Add additional" link below.
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Please note that we will not process your complaint if it isn't properly filled out or if the complaint is incomplete. If multiple Google products are affected, please submit a notice for each affected product.


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