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How to get my app translated?

Why translate your app

Translating your app into multiple languages will maximize the number of people who can install, use and recommend it.

Before you translate

Translation is one of the final steps in localization.  For more detailed information about the whole process, see:

How to translate your app

Assuming all the text in your app is stored in a strings.xml file, you just need to translate that file into one or more languages.  Then you can put the resulting files into your project, before rebuilding the APK.  The links above explain where to put the translated files.

There are three main ways to translate the strings.xml:

  • Use a third party translation service
    You can use a translation service offered by one of many translation companies available online. For example:
    • Gengo: translation platform using professional translators
    • Transifex: crowdsourcing platform, to allow your app's users to contribute translations
    • Smartling: educational resources and integrated translation service with professional translators

Keep in mind: to successfully reach an international audience, you may also want to translate your app’s Play Store Listing (title and description) and in-app purchase products.

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