Intro to the App Translation Service

Translating your app's store description, user interface text and in-app purchase products into multiple languages will maximize the number of people who can install, use and recommend it.

The App Translation Service is a professional, human service integrated into the Google Play Console.

The benefits of the service to you as a developer include:

  • quick and simple way to order, receive and apply translations, without leaving the Developer Console
  • you can translate your app strings, Play Store text and In-App Products, all in one go
  • Google Wallet integration for payments
  • carefully selected Localization Service Providers and their translators provide translation and review for each text string
  • translations from your previous orders (if any) are reused, so you never pay for the same translation twice

Using the App Translation Service, translating a typical app and store description into one language may cost around USD50. Note that the translation price is calculated on a per-word basis, so your actual cost depends on the amount of text in your app and store description. Prices may also vary by language pairs and the vendor you select. A typical translation order is completed within 4-5 business days, but the completion time depends on many factors.


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