About Google Keep

You can use Google Keep to create, share, and collaborate notes quickly and easily. Since Google Keep syncs to Google, notes are accessible to you and anyone you share them with virtually anywhere: on your Android phone, tablet, and Android wearable, through a Chrome app, and on the web.

Create: Take notes using text, photos, or your voice, and add multi-purpose checklists.

Organize: Drag & drop your notes and lists to rearrange them, and archive them when you no longer need them.

Share: Send notes to your contacts and collaborate in real time.

Access: Browse and search notes easily - you can use widgets on your Android device or even sync Google Keep with your Android wearable for quick note-taking and viewing.

Google Keep for Android

Download Google Keep for Android

To start using Google Keep on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Keep app. If it’s not already on your device, you can download it on Google Play.
  2. Sign in with your Google Account. You can switch accounts or add a new one in your device’s Settings menu.
Google Keep for Android Wear

To use Android Wear, you need to pair your watch with your phone. If you have Google Keep on your phone, it will work with Android Wear automatically. Learn how to pair your watch and get started with Android Wear.

Google Keep on the web

Use Google Keep on the web

Once you're signed in with your Google Account, you can start using Google Keep on the web right away.

Google Keep Chrome app

Add Google Keep to Chrome

Once you're signed in to Chrome, you can start using the Google Keep Chrome app right away.

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