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Host a live session

You can use the Jamboard to create, host, and edit Jamboard sessions. 

How to host a live session

Session basics—open, save, present, and close

Important: If you don’t assign an owner to a jam and you close out the session, your frames aren't saved.

  1. Tap Add Add to start a new jam.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Add owner and share and enter your email address to add yourself as the owner. Your content is now saved as you work.
  3. (Optional) To access a saved jam on a Jamboard, use the phone or tablet app to select the jam from your My Jams list. Tap Push to board Push to board and select the nearby board you want to push it to.
  4. (Optional) To present your jam to a meeting, tap Menu Menu and then Join a meeting and enter the meeting name or meeting code from your Google Calendar meeting request.
  5. (Optional) To connect 2 or more boards, tap Menu Menu and then Add people and make sure link sharing is on to get an access code. On the other board or boards, tap Menu Menu and then Join a meeting and enter the access code.
  6. Tap Menu Menu and then Close this Jam to exit a jam. You don't have to sign out. The next person at the board will not be able to see any previous jams. Later if you need to get back into your jam, the owner and collaborators can access it using the My Jams tab on the web viewer or on the phone or tablet app.
Present to a meeting

You can join meetings and present from the board using classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet. To connect, you use the meeting name or meeting code from the event in Google calendar.

Additionally, you can push content to a meeting from the phone app or tablet app.

To present your jam to a meeting:

Present from a board

  1. Tap Menu Menu and then Join a meeting.
  2. Enter the meeting name or meeting code.
  3. Tap Turn on Turn onto present to meeting.
  4. (Optional) Tap Turn off  Turn off to stop presenting.

Present from the tablet and phone apps

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to your G Suite account on your phone or tablet.
  2. Open the Jamboard app.
  3. From the My Jams list select the jam you want to share.
  4. Tap More Moreand then Join a meeting.
  5. Enter the meeting name or meeting code. Tap Return or Join.
  6. Tap Turn on Turn on to present to meeting.
  7. (Optional) Tap Turn off Turn off to stop presenting to meeting.
Add people to a jam

To let people take part in a live jam, they need you to send them the access code.

Generate an access code 

  1. Tap Menu Menu and then Add People.
  2. Tap Turn on  Link sharing is on to generate the code .

Tell app users to

  1. Tap Menu Menu and then Join Jam.
  2. Enter the code.
  3. If they’re using the web viewer, they need to click Join Join and then enter the code.

Add users as collaborators

  1.  Tap Menu Menu and then Share.
  2. Enter their email address.

They can use the phone or tablet app to make changes to the jam.

Send people a copy of all the frames in a jam (PDF or PNG format):

  1.  Tap Menu Menu and then Send a copy.
  2. Select PDF or PNG.
  3. Enter their email address to send an email notification.

Note: You can't access Google Drive directly from the board. To add files and photos from Drive to the jam, use your phone or tablet app.

Navigate between different frames

To manage the number of frames in your document and navigate between them, you use the frame bar at the top of the screen.

  • To add a frame, tap Add Add .
  • To copy a frame, drag it up.
  • To delete a frame,  drag it down.
  • To move a frame, tap and hold it to select it and then drag it to the new location. 

When you have multiple frames, you see a thumbnail view of them within the frame bar. You also see a profile image of your collaborators above the frame that they’re working on.

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