Hotel Ads integration guide

Step 2: Create a Price Feed

This article gives an overview of how to create a Price Feed for Hotel Ads integration. This functionality is available for partners that use Pull or Pull with Hints only.

How to create a Price Feed

To create a price feed, follow the steps below:

  1. Create your Transaction messages.
  2. Follow the steps to connect and test your price feed using the Price Configuration tool.
  3. Use the Price Test tab to test your price feed endpoint for specific itineraries at any point in the integration process.
  4. Enter your Price Indexing Configuration and start indexing your prices.
  5. After your prices have been indexed, check Feed Status to review your latency and transaction message error codes.


Use the Onboarding tool in the Hotel Ads Center to see and manage your progress with integrating your Price Feed.
If you plan to use Pull with Hints or Query Control messages for specific properties, work with your Technical Account Manager to complete the additional steps required to finalize your Price Configuration.
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