Direct integration eligibility

Check your eligibility to integrate directly with Google Hotel Ads and ensure you understand the policies to participate in the program.


We currently work with partners around the world. In most cases, you’ll need to work with an authorized integration partner to send your data to Google.

Eligibility for direct integration

You're always encouraged to work with an authorized integration partner to participate in Google Hotel Ads. Direct integration with Google Hotel Ads requires dedication of your technical resources.

To be eligible for direct integration with Google Hotel Ads, you must:

  • Work with your Google Sales Account Manager or let us know you’re interested in Hotel Ads
  • Have technical resources with bandwidth allocated to create and maintain XML feeds
  • Be prepared to make changes to your existing servers/data storage processes if needed to support optimal queries per second (QPS) from Google
  • Be able to keep your price accuracy high by frequently updating your cache data to remain in sync between your website's availability and Google's cache
  • Be able to set up an API and keep it functioning 24x7
  • Be able to start a Hotel Ads campaign post-launch with (preferably 100) hotels with availability and prices for multiple rooms and stay lengths in each
  • Protect your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII)

Eligible? Complete the direct integration request form. We'll review your request and be in touch if your business qualifies for a direct integration.


To ensure a good customer experience for travelers, Google Hotel Ads policies cover price accuracy thresholds, price and fee transparency, and where customers land after they see a Hotel Ad.

Hotel Ads policies may be different from those on your own site. They also provide more information about restrictions and data quality requirements.

If you need help with your Hotel ads, please contact us or request to chat with a support specialist.
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