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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

This article gives the basic steps to integrate with Hotel Ads, which gives future travelers a way to book a hotel room. Google surfaces Hotel Ads to help travelers evaluate pricing, availability, booking options, and more. Learn more about Hotel Ads.


If you’re interested in advertising on Hotel Ads, learn how to integrate with Google Hotel Ads.

Account access

If you’ve signed Hotel Ads contracts with Google but your account hasn’t been created, send an email to your Sales Account Manager with the email addresses of the account owners. After your account is created, owners can add more users to the account with owner, editor, or viewer access.

Before you start your integration, review the Hotel Ads best practices and Hotel Ads developers documentation overview.

Integration steps

  1. Create your Hotel List Feed.
  2. Create a Price Feed.
  3. Create your Point of Sale URLs.
  4. Test your final integration and price accuracy.
  5. Submit bids.

Use the Onboarding tool

The Onboarding tool in the Hotel Ads Center will provide you with a single-page status update for all deliverables needed to complete your integration. Click Onboarding in the Hotel Ads Center navigation menu to access the tool.

You can click the Start or Resume buttons to go directly to the tool that will enable you to complete the tasks, or click Edit to manage the specific integration.

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