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Hotel owners (Step 2: Share your rates)

Share hotel rates

When your hotel’s Business Profile is complete, it will appear on Google Maps and Search but without prices. While a profile helps travelers discover your hotel, nightly rates and booking links can help travelers book your hotel directly from your site.

Note: When you share your rates with Google through your Business Profile, free booking links will automatically start showing in your listings.

There are 2 ways to get prices and direct booking links to show next to your hotel information on Google:

Prices with a connectivity partner

A connectivity partner helps you send prices to Google. It can be a central reservation system (CRS), internet booking engine (IBE), channel manager (CM), or even a property management system (PMS). Here is a full list of partners already integrated with Google.
  • If you work with a connectivity partner that is integrated with Google, fill out the interest form and reach out to the partner directly or by using the “Contact” button on our partner website. Ask them to start sending your rates and availability to Google.
  • If you are working with a partner that is not already partnering with Google, fill out the interest form and indicate who your connectivity partner is so that we can reach out to them to get integrated with Google. We continue to add new partners each year.

Prices on your own

If you have no connectivity partner or prefer not to use one, you may have the option to manually share your rates with Google through your Business Profile.
Note: This feature is only available to a limited number of hoteliers at this time. Learn more about adding rates and availability to your business profile

To get started, first fill out the interest form by clicking the link below.

Fill out the interest form

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