Troubleshooting missing or incomplete pricing

This article outlines common questions when you integrate property rates and availability with Google

Common root causes Recommended resolution

Property is not matched - incorrect or incomplete information provided

In Hotel Center, click on the specific property ID, then check the hotel status. Review the hotel information that was uploaded and see how it compares to the information publicly available in Google Maps. Learn how to set up your hotel inventory

  • XML: Review our XML guide and validate your files against our schema.
  • CSV: Upload your list directly through Hotel Center and see if it’s successful.

Make any necessary changes to your hotel list and resubmit for processing.

Note: If the information in Google Maps is incorrect, reach out to the owner of the listing to verify or make any necessary changes.

Property is not matched - accurate information provided but property does not classify as a hotel

See Categories for lodging businesses: Hotels and Vacation Rentals to review our property classifications and determine which category your’s falls under. Properties being uploaded must be matched to a business that is classified as a hotel on Google Maps.

We require separate Hotel Center accounts for hotels and vacation rentals. If you only have one account, but need to send both hotels and vacation rentals, refer to our guide on How to integrate with Vacation Rentals.

Pricing upload errors

Check the body of XML response messages received from Google for both HTTP errors and feed status errors . You can also check the Feed Status for any warnings or error messages.

An error in one part of a file could cause updates from other parts of the file to not be processed.

Our Transaction message XML reference includes examples of pricing upload errors and other request message types.

Missing price for double occupancy or greater

By default, double-occupancy (2 adult occupants) prices are used as the base rates for a property. If you send only single-occupancy prices (1 adult occupant), we won’t display a price for your property unless the user searches specifically for single-occupancy rooms.

[ARI Only] Missing Room / RatePlan mapping

Ensure that RoomData and PackageData are defined in Transaction (Property Data) .
[ARI Only] Missing inventory counts The count for a date/room-type combination needs to be greater than zero in order for a price to be considered available. We recommend sending inventory counts via OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ . Alternatively, they can be sent via the BookingLimit attribute of OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ .
[ARI Only] Master/Open not sent OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ lets you specify a "Master" availability restriction for each listing. By default, the restriction is "Closed" until or unless you explicitly send an "Open" restriction. You can also set your default restriction to "Open".
[ARI Only] Prices are unavailable due to restrictions Check whether any restrictions sent for the itinerary might make the product unavailable (MinLOS, MaxLOS, MinAP, MaxAP). See OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ for additional guidance.

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