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Google is introducing a way for hotel owners to highlight their sustainability practices to environmentally-conscious consumers. There’s a growing trend of consumers caring more and more about the environmental impact of their purchases. They’re increasingly seeking out information to help them make more informed and responsible decisions.


You can add your hotel’s sustainability practices through your Google Business Profile. Choose from a list of options across 4 categories, and indicate if you’ve received any eco certifications. Attributes and certifications will appear on the hotel placesheet in the “Sustainability” section based on what you’ve reported.

Sustainability practices

These are the attributes which you're able to select in Business Profile. They have been carefully considered and selected to best summarize common and most impactful practices across the industry.

Energy efficiency

  • Green building design
  • Energy conservation program
  • Energy use audited by an independent organization
  • Energy from carbon-free sources
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Energy-saving thermostats
  • Electric car charging stations

Water conservation

  • Water use audited by an independent organization
  • Water-efficient faucets, toilets, and showers
  • Towel and linen reuse program

Waste reduction

  • Recycling program
  • Food waste reduction program
  • Donates and composts excess food
  • Soap and toiletry donation program
  • Safely handles hazardous substances
  • Safely disposes of electronics, batteries, and lightbulbs
  • Refillable toiletry containers
  • Water bottle filling stations
  • Compostable food containers and cutlery
  • No Styrofoam food containers
  • No single-use plastic water bottles or straws

Sustainable sourcing

  • Responsible purchasing policy
  • Organic food and beverages
  • Locally sourced food and beverages
  • Responsibly sourced seafood
  • Organic cage-free eggs
  • Vegetarian and vegan meals
  • Eco-friendly toiletries

Eco certifications

Eco certifications are granted to hotels that meet sustainability criteria designated by a third-party certification agency. Eco certifications also serve as a signal to help consumers and the broader community know that your hotel is actively working to make a positive environmental impact in the world.

When a hotel is labeled “eco-certified” on Google, it means they have reported earning a certification from an agency that Google has identified as meeting the following standards:

  1. The agency must use globally recognized and reputed criteria to evaluate the hotel.
  2. The evaluation must focus on environmental impact from at least these 4 categories:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Water conservation
    • Waste reduction
    • Sustainable sourcing
  3. The agency must conduct an on-site audit to verify the hotel's sustainability practices, or use an independent third party to do so.
Note: Google does not verify the certification status of each hotel.

Sustainability terms defined

Because sustainability terms can have a number of meanings, we’re sharing more context for a few sustainability practices you’ll find in Business Profile. Google uses the following terms and definitions to align sustainability practices across our hotels.

Energy from carbon-free sources

Your property sources carbon-free electricity via one or more of the following methods:

Locally sourced food and beverages

Your property sources locally in order to lower the environmental footprint with reduced transportation and to stimulate the local economy. Products produced less than 62 miles from the establishment are normally considered locally produced.

Organic cage-free eggs

Your property sources 100% certified organic and cage-free eggs (shell, liquid, and egg products). Cage-free means hens are able to walk, spread their wings, and lay their eggs in nests.

Eco-friendly toiletries

Soap, shampoo, lotion, and other toiletries provided for guests have a nationally or internationally recognized sustainability certification, such as USDA Organic, EU Organic, or cruelty-free.

Responsibly sourced seafood

Your property doesn’t source seafood from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch “avoid” list, and must sustainably source seafood listed as “good alternative”, “eco-certified”, and “best choice”. Your property has a policy outlining a commitment to source Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and/or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Chain of Custody certified seafood.
To learn more about Google’s sustainability efforts, visit our Sustainability site.
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