Políticas del programa

To provide clarity and raise the quality standards of the free advertising subsidies we grant, we review our policies. The last modification, which reaches all the beneficiaries of Ad Grants, was made on January 1, 2018. 

Keep in mind that to communicate personalized preferences and notifications of non-compliance, we mainly use notifications within the product . Once you have made changes to your account to comply with the policies, request your reinstatement online

We are also committed to helping you use your advertising subsidy effectively. Check out our introduction video to Ad Grants  and previous live broadcasts . For more information, be aware of upcoming live broadcasts , local events, notifications within the product and personalized help content . Communicate with the Ad Grants team and take advantage of personalized suggestions, face-to-face workshops and hours of service. To do this, enable your preferred email address in the notification preferences , in the "Personalized help and performance suggestions" section, or access ourActive community forums online

In addition to the specific policies of Ad Grants, all accounts of this program must also follow the standard policies of Google Ads .

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