Account management policy

We want you to be successful. A good option for most organizations is to use AdWords Express, which automatically manages your online ads.  If you choose to use AdWords, a well maintained account is imperative to show users the right ad at the right time. 

Account structure

If you choose to use AdWords, a well-structured account is imperative to show your audience the right ad at the right time. More requirements for using AdWords are being phased in, along with increased educational outreach, such as webinars, videos, and tailored in-product notifications.

  • Ad Grants AdWords accounts must have:
    • Specific geo-targeting to show ads in locations where users will find your nonprofit's information and services useful. 
      • For example, if you serve your local community, geo-targeting should be focused on your town or local area.  If you are a museum that would like visitors from across the country to visit, you could have one campaign geo-targeted to the country with keywords that indicate your community's name, such as 'art museums in Nashville' while all other campaigns related to events would focus on locations near Nashville.  If you offer health information more broadly, you'd likely show ads throughout your country.  If you do humanitarian relief in Nepal but your donors are in the US, you can show ads in the the US. Rarely is it relevant to set geo-targeting to worldwide. 
    • At least 2 active ad groups per campaign each containing a set of closely related keywords and 2 active text ads
    • At least 2 sitelink ad extensions

If you cannot meet the requirements above, you may pause your AdWords campaigns and use AdWords Express, which automatically structures your account. If your account is cancelled, you may request it to be reinstated after you’ve adjusted your account to bring it into compliance.


All Ad Grants AdWords accounts must maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) each month (at the account level, not necessarily each keyword). We recognize there are reasons why CTR may fluctuate, so you’ll be alerted through in-product notifications if your account is at risk of falling below 5% CTR with educational resources. If the CTR requirement isn't met for 2 consecutive months, your account will be deactivated. You may request your account to be reinstated after bringing your account into compliance with these suggestions.

When you check your account-level CTR and see that the Total: filtered keywords row is at least 5% CTR or greater for the last week, contact us to request reinstatement.  Or you may choose to pause your AdWords campaigns and use AdWords Express, which automatically structures your account, and then contact us for reactivation.

Note: Accounts will not be reviewed for this requirement until 90 days old.

Ad Grants program engagement

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Ad Grants program, and we’d like to hear about your organization’s needs and how we can help support you. We'll send an annual Ad Grants program survey and require your response to participate in the program.

To receive notifications, review your in-product notifications and make sure that the email address used for notifications is opted into receiving emails from AdWords. If you miss the survey deadline and your account is cancelled, just fill out the survey. Completing the survey will initiate a review for account reinstatement that will be addressed within 10 business days.

Account management

Google Ad Grantees are permitted to work with third-party account managers.

Any account found in violation of program policies is subject to automatic suspension without notification. Google reserves the right to grant or deny an organization's application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend these eligibility guidelines at any time.



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