Using ads & other monetization in podcasts

To monetize your podcasts, you can include ads and other methods of monetization and sponsorship in your podcasts. You can work with advertisers, ad networks, and other sponsors to help monetize your podcasts.

If you include ads or other monetization in your podcast content, make sure the advertising content complies with the Content and Conduct Policies for Podcasts on Google Play.

Google reserves the right to show display (image) ads alongside podcast content. Google will not insert any pre-roll ads before podcast content starts or mid-roll ads during a given podcast episode. Google reserves the right to serve post-roll video or audio ads after podcast content. Google Play Music does not provide direct payment or revenue share for podcast content.

Note: At this time, Google Play Music doesn't support dynamically-targeted advertising. If you need to change your ads, you can update your podcast periodically to include the latest ads.

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