Identify & tag explicit content

If your podcast has explicit content, you need to add the appropriate tag on your podcast’s RSS feed using the <googleplay:explicit> or <itunes:explicit> tag.

Podcast owners and representatives are responsible for ensuring that all added content complies with Content and Conduct Policies for Podcasts on Google Play.

Content that must be marked as explicit include, but are not limited to content that includes:


Speech that contains or art that depicts using, buying, selling, or finding drugs in a graphic and detailed way must be marked explicit. Nuances, subtle references, general statements, and education against drugs are exempt. For instance, "Let's get high" is not graphic or detailed enough to be marked explicit.

Inflammatory speech

Speech that contains racial epithets or slurs must be marked explicit. If the majority of a podcast constitutes hate speech, it will be removed. Please see the Content Policies for more details.


Speech or art that contains any use of profanity must be marked explicit. Profanity is defined as offensive curse words.

Sexual references/depictions

Speech that describes sexual acts in a detailed way must be marked explicit. Nuances, subtle references, and general statements are exempt. For example, "making love" is not detailed enough to be marked explicit. Art that depicts graphic sex acts will be removed (please see the content policy for more details), but other sexual content must be marked explicit.


Speech or art that encourages or depicts graphic and detailed violence against people or animals must be marked explicit.

Tip: If you want to replace explicit content with a clean version, update your podcast metadata to remove the explicit tag.

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