Update podcast metadata & audio files

If you need to update your podcast’s metadata or other information, including images and audio sources, the best way to update your podcast is to make changes to your podcast’s RSS feed.

Episode audio files

If you update the audio contents for an episode and want the audio to be updated on Google Play Music automatically, please update the enclosure URL for this episode in your podcast's RSS feed to create a new URL. It's enough to make a small change to the URL, such as adding or updating a URL parameter.

Since episode audio files are cached on Google Play Music, updated episodes need to use enclosure URLs that are different from their original URLs. If you update an episode's audio but keep the same enclosure URL, the episode will not be automatically updated on Google Play Music.

Podcast RSS feed URL

If you need to change the URL of your podcast's RSS feed, contact our support team.

Update your podcast image

If you update the image for your podcast, you'll also need to update the image URL for the change to appear on Google Play Music.

Reviews for updated content

When you update information in your podcast’s RSS feed, including metadata and general information, the information is reviewed by our team before it’s updated on Google Play Music. All podcast content needs to follow Content and Conduct Policies for Podcasts on Google Play.

Note: While your changes are being reviewed, you can still make other changes to your podcast, including adding new episodes.

The types of updates to your podcast’s RSS feed fields that need to be reviewed by our team include:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Description
  • Email address
  • URLs
  • Categories
  • Images

Our team takes a similar amount of time to review new podcasts and updated podcasts. It can take up to five business days for any updated items on your podcast’s RSS feed to be shown on Google Play Music.

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