Get the new Google News

The new Google News Google News app replaces:

  • Google Play Newsstand Play Newsstand
  • Google News & Weather Google News

Most people who had Play Newsstand will automatically get the new app. People who used News & Weather can download the new app.

Countries where you won't yet get the new Google News app
In selected countries, the Google News app isn’t available. But Google Play Newsstand will keep working for some time.
For example, the Google News app isn’t available in Denmark, Finland, or Spain.

Use the new Google News on the web

In your browser, like Chrome or Safari, go to Google News.

Find what you want in the new Google News

  • For the latest top stories, click Headlines. If you don’t see “Headlines,” first click Menu Menu.
  • To deep-dive into a story without personalization, click Full Coverage Full coverage.
  • To see more stories about certain subjects, follow topics:
    • For local coverage, search for a location. Then click Follow Follow.
    • To see more stories from a certain publication, search for that source. Then click Follow Follow.
    • To make your own topics, search for your interests. Then click Follow Follow.
  • For your existing subscriptions and sources, click Following. If you don’t see “Following,” first click Menu Menu.

Note: Some of these features are only available if you're signed in to your Google Account.

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