I can't download apps from the Play Store on my Chromebook

After you turn on the Google Play Store for your Chromebook, you can download apps to your device. If you can’t find or install an app, check the information below.

An app won’t download

If you’re browsing the Play Store on your Chromebook, all the apps you see should work with your device. If you try to install one and it doesn’t work, try these steps:

I can’t find an app on the Play Store

Not all Android apps work on Chromebooks. If you are using the Play Store on your Chromebook and can’t find an app, the developer may have stopped the app from running on Chromebooks. To check, contact the developer

“Your device is not compatible with this version” message

If you see this message then your specific model of Chromebook is not compatible with the app, and you can’t download the app to your device. 

Note: This is usually because it does not have a key function that makes the app to work. For example, the app uses GPS and your Chromebook doesn’t have GPS.

My Chromebook is grayed out

When you look for apps on play.google.com, you can choose which device to install them on. If your Chromebook is grayed out, that app can’t be installed on your Chromebook. 

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