Find family-friendly content in Google Play

You can find family-friendly content from trusted brands in Google Play. Read the sections below to learn different ways to find family content.

Ways to find family content

Browse the Family section
  1. Open the Play Store app on your device Google Play.
  2. Tap GamesMovies & TV, or Books.
  3. At the top, tap Family. In the Books section, select Children's Books instead.
  4. From here, you can also browse content by age, family categories, or popular characters.
Search for family content

Start a search inside the Family section

Your results are filtered so you only see family-friendly content. To see unfiltered results, tap Show all results.

Start a search outside the Family section

Your results won't be filtered. This means you'll see include content from across the Play store, not just family-friendly content.

Tip: To prevent anyone who uses your device from downloading or purchasing mature content, set up parental controls.

Look for the family star

When you're on Google Play, look for the family star to help you identify Family friendly content Family friendly.

You can find the star badge that shows the suggested age range on the content's details page.

What the star badge means

The way content gets a star badge varies between different types of content. Read the sections below to learn more.

Apps & Games

The star badge tells you what age group the developer designed for their app or game for.

On the badge, you may see:

  • Family-friendly: Mixed audience of kids and adults
  • Ages: Specific age ranges between 0 and 12 years old

We recommend parental guidance on any apps not designed solely for children.

Note: Developers might make changes to their app or game, so check for the star badge and review the information above before installing an app update.

Movies & TV

Google Play assigns a star badge based on things like the movie or TV show's rating, the genre, and maturity of the content.

On the badge, you may see:

  • Ages: Specific age ranges between 0 and 12 years old
  • All ages: Appropriate for all kids under 13 years old

Google Play assigns a star badge based on publisher-provided information like age data, reading level, and genre.

On the badge, you'll see the age range the book is appropriate for.

Check an app's privacy policy

All apps and games that have a star badge have to include a link to their privacy policy at the bottom of the app details page.

We recommend that you review the privacy policy before downloading the app to learn how the app collects and uses personal information.

Troubleshoot problems

Report a problem

We do our best to make sure any content with a family star meets a high standard for quality and age appropriateness.

If you find inappropriate content, let us know.

I don't see the family star

The family discovery experience isn't available in all countries for every type of content. If you don't see the family star, the features described above aren't available in your area yet.

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