Troubleshoot payment issues

Common reasons for declined payments

  • Using a virtual credit card (not accepted on Google Play at this time)
  • Outdated card information (especially expiration dates)
  • Incorrect card information (especially mistyped numbers)
  • Incorrect security code (or CVC)
  • Billing information that doesn’t match the billing information on file with your bank

Declined payment

If you attempt to make a purchase on Google Play and your payment is declined, you'll receive an automatic email from Google notifying you that the charge did not go through. Please note that even though the payment failed and the charge did not go through, you may still see a pending authorization on your credit/debit card - learn more about authorizations.

For digital goods (apps, books, magazines, movies/TV and music), if your payment is declined, your order will be immediately cancelled. Once you’ve signed in to your Google Wallet account (for security reasons, this must be done from a desktop/laptop and not from your phone/tablet) and corrected the issue with your payment information, you can try your purchase again.

For devices and accessories (Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, etc.), if your payment is declined, you have seven days to update your payment information in Google Wallet for the order to go through.

During those seven days, the order (or orders) remain active - that is, as soon as you update your payment information, all the orders that were previously declined will be automatically charged.

In most cases you can resolve issues by simply deleting the invalid payment method from within your Google Wallet account, and then adding (or re-adding) the card you’d like to use to purchase with all of its correct information.

If you're not able to correct the problem after double-checking and re-entering all of your information, we suggest contacting your credit/debit card-issuer for more information. Review the status of your order and confirm your card was successfully updated by signing into your account at

Grayed-out payment methods

Grayed-out payment methods in the purchase flow on Google Play indicate that payment method isn’t valid for that particular purchase on Google Play. Certain credit cards or payment methods (like Google Play credit) are not accepted for purchases in certain currencies - in particular, American Express cards are not accepted for purchases on Google Play made in currencies other than U.S. dollars.

Failed refunds

Per Google Play refund policies, all refunds are automatically returned to the credit/debit card used at the time of purchase. If your bank declines our refund:

  • Contact your card-issuing bank to determine the reason for the decline
  • Sign in to Google Wallet and update your credit/debit card

Contact Google Play support

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