Get started with the Google TV app

You can watch movies and shows from your streaming services in the Google TV app . You can also buy or rent movies and shows.

Important: The Google TV app is only available in the US on Android devices.

Get the Google TV app

The Google TV app is a new version of the Google Play Movies & TV app. If you turned on automatic app updates, you may already have the Google TV app.

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store Google Play.
  2. Search for Google Play Movies & TV.
  3. Tap Update.
  4. When the update finishes, you’ll have the Google TV app.

Navigate the Google TV app

The Google TV app uses the same profile and info as Google Play Movies & TV.

  • Home and For you: Recommendations based on what you watch and the streaming services thatyou add to your account.
  • Shop: Movies and shows thatyou can rent or buy through Play Movies & TV.
  • Library: The content thatyou buy or rent through Play Movies & TV on this and other devices.
  • Watchlist: Movies and shows thatyou save to watch later.

Tip: To get help with movies and TV shows that you rent or purchase, email or chat with the Google Play team for help.

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