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APK upload failed with "Failed to run aapt dump badging..." error.

Some developers have reported seeing the error "Failed to run aapt dump badging: ERROR getting 'android:value' attribute for meta-data:attribute could not be found" when attempting to upload their .apk.

We're working on solving this problem. In the meantime, you can try adding the "android:value" to any meta-data manifest property that lacks that attribute. See API Guides - <meta-data> for more information.

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Cannot publish due to registration payment still processing

Please be advised that Google Wallet system is currently experiencing a technical issue which may result in certain transactions taking more than 48 hours to process. If you still see the 'Your registration is being processed...' banner in your Google Play Developer Console after 48 hours after you placed your transaction, please contact the Google Wallet team.
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Developers experiencing a sudden large increase in user ratings

We are currently investigating an issue related to unexpected, large discrepancies that Developers are seeing in their daily ratings counts. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

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Downloading earnings reports results in an Access Denied error

We are aware that some developers are experiencing an "Access Denied" error message when clicking on any earnings reports in the Google Play Developer Console. While we're working on a fix, you can access these reports by going to, clicking the Payouts link on the left, and choosing the report you wish to download under Details.
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Google Cloud Messaging Statistics not updated

We're currently investigating an issue where Google Cloud Messaging statistics have not updated past 11/2/2013. We appreciate your patience while we work on this.

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Google Play Search and Developer Apps page issues

We're currently aware of an issue causing some developers to not appear correctly in Google Play search. This is also effecting the Developers Apps page, which shows all apps by a specific developer. We appreciate your patience while we work on a fix for these issues.
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Reviews from "A Google User"

We've seen reports from some developers that an abnormal number of their reviews are being attributed to "A Google User" on the Ratings and Reviews report in the Google Play Developer Console. While it is intended that some of your app reviews will be attributed to "A Google User", most reviews are associated with the user's Google+ profile. We're actively investigating the issue and working on a fix. Once resolved, you should automatically see profile names attributed to all users with a Google+ profile.

Download and Installation Issues

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App gets filtered due to a small cache partition on the device

Currently the maximum file size limit for an app upload to Google Play is approximately 50 MB. However, some devices may have smaller than 50 MB cache partition making large apps unavailable for users to download. For example, some models of the devices below are known for being affected by this issue:

  • beTouch E140 (K4)
  • beTouch E400 (C2)
  • Stream (A3)
  • Liquid Metal (A4)
  • Aria
  • Desire
  • Desire S
  • Legend
  • Salsa
  • Wildfire
  • Wildfire S
  • KU9500
  • LU2300
  • SU950
  • GT-I5500
  • GT-I5800
  • GT-I5801
  • GT-I9000
  • GT-I9003
  • GT-S5830
  • SCH-I400
  • SCH-I500
  • SCH-R910
  • SGH-T959
  • SHW-M110S
  • N720/Micromax
  • P727A

If Google Play is able to identify such device that doesn't have cache large enough to store the app, it may filter it from appearing to the user.

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Problems accessing geo-restricted apps through proxies

We have received several reports of applications restricting access to specific countries within the application via Geo-location (IP). Such restrictions cause users to rely on proxies to access the applications which then causes our risk engine to flag purchases as possibly fraudulent. If possible, please avoid implementing such restrictions in your applications.

Developer Console or Publishing Issues

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IE8 Support Issues

The Google Play Developer Console performs best in either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you're experiencing an issue using the Developer Console with Internet Explorer, trying an alternative browser may resolve it.
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Assessing Stats in Developer Console using Firefox 10

If you are using Firefox 10 and having difficulty accessing the stats page in your Google Play Developer Console, please update your Firefox browser to the latest version. Go here to update your Firefox browser to the latest version.

You may also use alternate browser, such as Google Chrome.

Billing Issues

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Problems with licensing server

We are aware of the reports regarding Google licensing server (LVL) issues, and are working on resolving these problems. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.
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Purchase order cancellations

If you are concerned about canceled orders, please note that in an ongoing effort to protect merchants from fraud, Google reviews orders on a regular basis. If Google determines that an order you've received doesn't comply with our policies or is a high-risk order, it will be cancelled for your protection.

To learn more about how Google helps detect fraudulent transactions, please visit Google Merchant Help Center

The Google Play team strives to keep our services available to developers at all times. We investigate instances of problematic transactions on a continuous basis and work hard to resolve these issues as soon as possible. No action is needed on your part.

On-going Issues

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Applications missing from Google Play

If you are concerned about your applications' visibility in Google Play, please note that there are several factors that may influence how an application shows up in search results within the Google Play store. In general, when a Google Play user searches or browses in the Google Play store, results are filtered based on a number of elements.

First, the manifest file and the device's hardware and features are part of how applications are filtered. In addition, filtering also depends on the country and mobile carrier, the presence or absence of a SIM card, and other factors. For example, if an application requires the telephony feature (as specified in the manifest file), then Google Play will not show the app on any device that does not support it, which is majority of tablets. Same with API levels: if the application requires a minimum API level 7, it won’t appear for the devices that support only level 6 API or lower. Furthermore, priced applications are only available to users in locations where we currently support buyers.

To find your applications in the Google Play store, you can use the following direct URL formats:


To learn more, please visit:

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Comments are inappropriate or not helpful

Comments must adhere to the Comment Posting Policy. If you see a comment that doesn't follow these standards, please report it. If you are using version 1.5 or below, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the comment
  2. Select "Mark this as Spam."

If you are using version 1.6 or above, do the following:

  1. Press the "x" that appears in the comment box.
  2. Select OK to "Mark this as Spam."

We're continually working on improving the Google Play experience for all users, and we appreciate your assistance in this effort.

User Issues

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