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The Play Integrity API helps you check that interactions are coming from your genuine app, installed by Google Play, running on a genuine Android device. When you detect risky and unknown interactions, you can respond appropriately to fight attacks and abuse.

You can use the form below to provide feedback, report issues, or request to increase your daily maximum number of requests. By default, apps are subject to a daily maximum of 10,000 requests per day. Before requesting increased usage, review the Play Integrity API documentation including the recommended security practices to ensure you have implemented the API correctly. 

At this time, we can only respond to emails sent in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. 

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What type of API calls are you making?

(The historical way of making requests is now referred to as making classic requests. Learn more in the documentation)
How often will you call the API for each user? *
Unfortunately, we won't be able to facilitate your request. The Play Integrity API is meant to protect high-value, infrequent actions, and running the API on a user's device uses time, data, and battery, so it may cause your app to appear slow and sluggish. To avoid frequent calls, you can reconsider which high-value actions you want to protect, or you can consider caching the verdict for a period of time, if this is compatible with your anti-abuse strategy.
Is there any PII or SPII used for the nonce (e.g. user id, user name, phone number, Android ID, SSN, etc)? *
How are you validating Play Integrity API responses? *
How does your app retry in case of Play Integrity API errors? *
How will your app act when the Play Integrity API detects risky traffic? *
Please answer with your end goal in mind even if your app is not acting yet. As a reminder, your app should also be able to deal with Play Integrity API errors and the API being unavailable.
Quota request - Estimated total queries per day *
How will you use the Play Integrity API in your app? What are you protecting? What is your quota estimated based on?
Provide this value ONLY if your service's traffic/load pattern is not uniform.
Note: If you want to report an issue with a Play Integrity API verdict, you should create an issue using the public issue tracker here.
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