Data Access

Developers tell us actionable data is critical for them to improve their user experience and grow their businesses. We provide developers access to an extensive set of data through the Play Console, in downloadable formats, and APIs, and continually invest to make metrics and visualizations more helpful. We ensure that the data we collect and share with developers about their apps protects the privacy and security of our users.

Data Collection and Sharing

When a user uses Google services like Google Play, whether as a consumer or a developer, that user is trusting us with their information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect our users’ information and put the user in control. Please review our privacy policy to understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how it can be updated, managed, exported, and deleted. We do not share the personal information of our users with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of Google except in certain circumstances described in our privacy policy.  Further, our data access policies restrict access of identifiable non-public app data of another developer.

Data Accessibility

The data shared with developers helps them understand the lifecycle of their app: from how it is discovered in the Play Store, to how users engage with it, and what users pay for. Developers also have access to ratings and reviews to understand user feedback and respond to concerns. 

The data we provide to developers is generally aggregated and anonymized to protect user privacy. For example, developers have access to their apps’ data regarding:

Developers also have access to aggregated data to benchmark their performance across the ecosystem. For example, a game developer could compare their user acquisition rates against similar game genres in the same region. This data is aggregated to protect any single developers performance information from being determined.

We are continuously working to ensure developers have the information they need to succeed.  For more information on the statistics and insights available to developers visit the Play Console Help Center and

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