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Google Play wants to help you ensure that if your app is designed for all users, particularly children and families, it's both safe and appropriate for everyone.

  • If you’ve designed a great app for children, your app must participate in the Designed for Families (DFF) program. All of the policy and program requirements can be found in the Developer Policy Center.
  • If your app is designed for everyone, including children and families, you can still apply to participate in the Designed for Families program. Follow the steps outlined below to submit an application.

Submit your app for inclusion in Designed for Families

  1. Open Play Console and go to the App content page (Policy > App content).
  2. Under “Target audience and content” click Start, and submit the required information about your app’s target audience and content settings section.
  3. In the “Store presence” section, you'll see a message confirming that your app is eligible for Designed for Families and will be submitted for inclusion in the program.

  4. Choose a Families-specific category that describes your app from the drop-down.

    • If you have an existing app, it will also remain available in its current store listing category.

  5. Once you've reviewed and agreed to the program requirements, click Save

    • Please note that certain developer accounts and/or sensitive categories of apps, including apps submitting for inclusion in Designed for Families, may be subjected to extended reviews, which may result in review times of up to seven days or longer in exceptional cases.

About the application process

After submitting your application, your app will be reviewed for eligibility in the Designed for Families program. If your app is rejected from the Designed for Families program, we'll let you know why in Play Console and by email.

  • If you want to reapply to the program, you can correct the issues and submit your app again.
  • To appeal an app rejection, fill out this form.
Existing apps

Apps that are already published on Google Play that are not admitted to the Designed for Families program will remain on the Play Store. However, if your recently updated target audience and content settings now indicate that your app is only for children, you should update your app accordingly to comply with Designed for Families policies, or you will be at risk of having your app removed from the Play Store.

If your app has been removed, resubmit a compliant version of your app. If your app has been suspended, you can find more information on how this affects your account or file an appeal.

New apps

All apps submitted for inclusion in the Designed for Families program that don’t meet program requirements will be rejected and the app will not be published on Google Play.

Upon rejection, you can address the identified issue(s) and then resubmit the app for inclusion in the Designed for Families program or, if permitted, submit your app for publication without applying to the Designed for Families program.

Teacher Approved program

The Teacher Approved program is an editorial program designed to make it easier for parents to find your high-quality, teacher-approved content on the Play Store. 

All apps in the Designed for Families program are automatically eligible for teacher review, which will happen on an ongoing basis.

Learn about the Teacher Approved program and review at Academy for App Success.

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