Account, registration and payment issues

If you’re having issues registering for or using your Play Console account, you can resolve many common issues on your own, and our support team can help with the rest.

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Error while registering for a Play Console account

During registration, if you see a message that your payment has been declined, you may need to update your payments profile with a different payment method or billing address. If that doesn’t work, here’s a list of solutions to common payment issues.

If your payment method wasn’t declined, but you had a different issue during registration, contact our support team.

Unable to verify email or phone number

If you are experiencing difficulty verifying your email or phone number, visit our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. 

Account was terminated

By publishing your apps on Google Play, you agree to follow Google Play Developer Programme Policies and the Developer Distribution Agreement. Google is not required to send you a warning prior to suspending or terminating your account.

App removals, suspensions and warnings all count as strikes against the good standing of your Play Console account. Multiple or egregious policy violations may result in the termination of your Play Console account.

If your account has been terminated

After your developer account was terminated, all of your apps are removed from Google Play, and the users, statistics and ratings associated with those apps are forfeited. You will also be unable to publish new apps.

If your account was terminated for violating the Developer Distribution Agreement, we’re unable to accept future apps from you, so don’t register for a new Play Console account. Additionally, any related accounts will be permanently suspended, and any new accounts that you try to open will be terminated without a refund of the developer registration fee.

Appeal an account termination

Our support team can only reinstate a Play Console account if an error was made, and it’s determined that your account and apps don’t violate our Developer Distribution Agreement.

If you think that your account shouldn’t have been terminated, you can file an appeal. Our support team is only able to respond to appeals sent in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Unable to access your account

If your account wasn’t terminated, but you’re having trouble signing in to Play Console, contact our support team.

Delete a Play Console account

Delete a Play Console account with published apps

If you’ve already published apps that users have installed, we’re unable to delete your Play Console account. As part of the Developer Distribution Agreement, users are allowed to have an unlimited number of app reinstalls, which requires an active account.

However, if a developer with a separate Play Console account wants to acquire your apps, our support team can transfer your apps to their account. After all apps have been transferred from your account, we can delete your account and refund your developer registration fee. Deleting a Google Account will not automatically delete your developer account.

Delete a Play Console account without published apps

If you haven’t published apps or users haven’t downloaded any of your apps, contact our support team. Deleting a Google Account will not automatically delete your developer account.

Transfer apps to a different account

When you transfer apps to another Play Console account, all the apps’ statistics are transferred with them. To transfer your apps quickly, follow the instructions on how to Transfer apps to a different developer account and contact our support team.

Select a payment issue

Registration payment hasn't been processed

If it hasn’t been 48 hours since you registered for a Play Console account, allow more time for your payment to be processed and your account to be created.

If it’s been over 48 hours since you registered, but your payment hasn’t been processed, contact our support team.

Issues with a payments profile for merchants

Developers in many countries can register as merchants and sell paid apps on Google Play. If you’re legally able to do business in a supported country and agree to that country’s Google Payments Terms of Service, you can register as a merchant for that country.

If you have other questions about setting up a payments profile, visit the Google payments Help Centre for merchants.

Change currency on a Play Console account

If you want to change your Play Console account to use a different currency, you’ll need to create a new Play Console account using a different email address. If you need to create a new Google Account, you can create one at any time.

When creating your account, you can select a different country to change the currency that your account uses. After you create a new account, our support team can transfer your apps to your new account. Your original registration fee will be refunded after.

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