Link your developer account to Google services

You can link your Google Play developer account to select accounts and services, including AdWords, DoubleClick Digital Marketing, Firebase, and the Google payments center.

Link accounts or projects


Play Console account owners can send link requests from the Play Console to Google AdWords accounts to give permission to target campaigns to users.

How linking works

When you link an AdWords and Google Play developer account, AdWords account owners will get access to automatically generated remarketing lists for apps published on your developer account.

You can remove a linked account at any time. If a linked account is removed, AdWords remarketing lists based on apps in the linked developer account will be disabled, and any ads targeting those lists may not run. For information on how AdWords accounts can use linked developer accounts, visit the AdWords Help Center.

Note: Linking Google Play and AdWords accounts doesn't enable them to sign in, view, or make changes to each other's accounts. For example, a developer account can't start or pause campaigns on a linked AdWords account. If you want to create AdWords campaigns from the Play Console using one of your linked accounts, you can update an account to have a "Data & account access" link.


Send link requests

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select Settings Settings > Linked accounts > Link AdWords Account.
  3. Type the AdWords customer ID.

An email request will be sent to the AdWords account. AdWords account administrators can review link requests by signing in to their AdWords accounts and clicking Settings Settings > Linked accounts.


Update a linked account to create & manage AdWords campaigns

If you've already linked your Google Play developer account with an AdWords account, you can create a "Data & account access" link. This means the AdWords account can be used to create AdWords campaigns for your apps. You can only have one linked AdWords account with a "Data & account access" link.

Add a "Data & account access" link

Important: To make "Data & account access" changes to your account, you need administrative access to the linked AdWords account.

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select Settings Settings > AdWords accounts.
  3. Under "Data & account access," select the checkbox next to the account you want to use to create AdWords campaigns.

To learn how to start an AdWords campaign directly from your Play Console, visit our article on creating AdWords campaigns.


How linking works

If you use Firebase to build iOS, Android, and web-based apps, you can link your Firebase projects to Google Play to allow:

  • Google Play data on Firebase: including crash and in-app purchase data
  • Google Analytics data on the Play Console: including Google Analytics for Firebase and crash reporting

Link or unlink a project

Your Play Console account can link to multiple Firebase projects, but each Firebase project can only link to one Play Console account.

Before you start

To link or unlink your Play Console account to a Firebase project, you need:

  1. To use the same Google account on the Play Console and Firebase console, and
  2. To be the Play Console account owner, and
  3. To be one of the Firebase project owners


  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select Settings Settings > Linked accounts.
    • To link a project, select Link Firebase Project > Link project.
    • To unlink a project, select Unlink. If you unlink a Firebase project from your Google Play developer account, previously shared data will remain accessible on both services.

Note: To learn more about Firebase, including how to link and unlink to Google Play from the Firebase console, go to the Firebase Help Center.


If you or the advertising agency you're working with wants to use DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) or DoubleClick Bid Manager to track app install conversions, you can send an account link request from a DoubleClick account to your Google Play developer account.

Important: Link requests need to be sent from DCM or DoubleClick Bid Manager and approved on your Play Console. You can only accept, reject, or remove requests on the Play Console.

You can remove a linked account at any time. If a linked account is removed, tracking in DoubleClick for apps from the linked developer account will be disabled.

Review link requests

After an account administrator requests to link an an AdWords or DoubleClick Digital Marketing account to your developer account, you'll receive an email notification. You can also review requests on your Play Console Settings page.

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select Settings Settings > Linked accounts.
  3. Under "Actions," approve or reject the link request.

Revoke links to other accounts

To remove links to AdWords or DoubleClick Digital Marketing accounts:

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Click Settings Settings > Linked accounts.
  3. Under "Actions," click Unlink account.

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