Track Android app installs on Google Play

Link a Google Play developer account to DoubleClick Digital Marketing to automatically track app downloads

You can link a Google Play developer account to DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM)—either DoubleClick Bid Manager or DoubleClick Campaign Manager—to easily track app installs as part of your mobile app promotion campaigns, without adding or implementing any code. This makes it easy to get started on app install campaigns without having to make changes in your Android app.

Linking process

The link between DDM (DoubleClick Bid Manager or Campaign Manager) and Google Play can be initiated by users of either DoubleClick Bid Manager or DCM.

At a high level, the linking process consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: An advertiser initiates the linking in Bid Manager (if they don't use DCM) or in DCM, which results in a notification email being sent to the developer in Google Play.
  • Step 2: The developer reviews the link request in Google Play Developer Console and approves the request.

Once this link is approved, advertisers in DoubleClick Digital Marketing can now create a mobile app install campaign and record a conversion every time their app is downloaded from Google Play.

More information for Bid Manager and DCM users

Bid Manager users (requires a Bid Manager account):

DCM users (requires a DCM account):

Unlink a linked account

Both Google Play developer console users and users between Google Play and DDM can remove the link to DDM at any point. If this happens, the DDM user will no longer be able to track app downloads from Google Play—even with live campaigns.

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