Policy announcement: April 3, 2024

You’ll have at least 30 days from April 3, 2024 to update your app to comply with the policy changes below. For more details, go to the Policy Deadlines page.

New and updated policies

  • We’re introducing a Child Safety Standards policy requiring Social and Dating apps to follow specific standards and self-certify compliance on Play Console before publishing.
  • To enhance the visibility and management of health-related apps on Google Play, we’re introducing a Health Apps console declaration. Apps with health or medical-related features or functionality must attest to this on Play Console. Learn more
  • We’re updating our Inappropriate Content policy with guidance on sexual content in book and video catalog apps.
  • We’re updating our Manipulated Media policy to include audio as an additional example of a type of media covered under the policy.
  • We’re clarifying our Personal Loans policy to ensure loan repayment periods comply with local regulations.
  • We’re updating our Permissions for Foreground Services policy with an exception for the “dataSync” foreground service type to permit its use for Play Asset Delivery functionality.
  • We’re updating our Health Connect policy to streamline the Health Connect application process and align with the Health Apps policy. The existing form-based application will be replaced with a new Play Console declaration later this year.

Additionally, we’ve added clarifications to some of our existing policies. Because these changes aren’t new or updated, our enforcement standards and practices remain the same.

  • We’re consolidating our Terrorism Content and Dangerous Organizations and Movements policies (formerly under the Violence policy), into a single Violent Extremism policy.
  • We're updating our Spyware policy to clarify our existing approach to protecting users from malicious applications, code, or behavior.
  • We’re updating our Personal Loans policy to restrict additional use cases from accessing sensitive permissions.
  • We’re updating the Query All Packages permission exception cases for financial services and real money gambling for clarity.
  • We're updating our Mobile Unwanted Software policy to clarify that developers must not request or deceive users into disabling device security protections such as Google Play Protect.
  • We’re updating our Malware policy to clarify that Maskware is a subtype of malware. Maskware is an application that utilizes a variety of evasion techniques in order to serve the user different, or fake, application functionality.
  • Last year, we introduced a new account deletion requirement to enhance user control over their data. If your app allows users to create an account from within your app, you were required to complete the account deletion section of your Data safety form by December 7, 2023. If your app has been blocked due to non-compliance or you require additional time to update your app, you may request an extension in Play Console until May 31, 2024. If you’ve already requested an extension, remember to update your app by May 31st. Learn more by watching our RePlay video or reading our best practices blog.
  • Last October, we introduced the Photo and Video Permissions policy to reduce the number of apps permitted to request broad photo/video permissions (READ_MEDIA_IMAGES and READ_MEDIA_VIDEO). Starting August 31, 2024, apps may only access photos and videos for purposes directly related to app functionality. Apps that have a one-time or infrequent need to access these files are requested to use a system picker, such as the Android photo picker. Learn more
Please review these policy updates carefully in case any of your apps are impacted. To learn more about how to comply with these changes:

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