View app statistics

You can view statistics for individual apps using the Play Console web version or app.

Find and review your app's data

Find your data

  1. Open the Play Console app Console app.
  2. Select an app.
  3. Tap a data card to see more details.

Available data

When viewing your app's data on the Play Console app, keep in mind:

  • The bottom (x-axis) of each graph matches the time zone associated with your device
  • The location of each data point matches the time zone when that metric was updated (see the "Time zone" column)
Metric Update frequency Time zone Notes
Installs & uninstalls



Ratings Daily PST  
Crashes & application not responding (ANR) errors Hourly N/A  
Revenue Daily UTC For more information, go to review your app's revenue data.

Reports on the Play Console app

Using the Play Console app, you can get data quickly on how your app is performing. To change the time period at the top of any page, select the down arrow Drop-down arrow.

Install-related statistics
  • Installs by user: Number of unique users who installed the app for the first time.
  • Installs on active devices: Number of devices that have been online at least once in the past 30 days have your app installed.
  • Uninstalls by user: Number of unique users who uninstalled the app from all of their devices. Uninstalls can be counted multiple times within the relevant time period.
  • Average rating: Average star rating this app received across all ratings submitted within the selected time period. For each user submitting a rating, only their most recent rating of the app is counted.
  • Cumulative average rating: The average rating your app has received since it first launched.

Tip: To see a chart that shows individual star ratings for your app, tap the "Ratings" data card.

Crashes & application not responding errors (ANRs)

If your app crashes or stops responding, users can send in bug reports or let you know about the problem using the dialog that appears on their device.

  • Crashes: Crash reports received in the time period selected. The number of individual crashes reported in the 'Crash Details' section is limited to the top 25 by recent occurrence.
  • ANRs: Application not responding (ANR) reports received in the time period selected. The number of individual ANRs reported in the 'ANR Details' section is limited to the top 25 by recent occurrence.

To view crash or freeze details, including a breakdown by app or Android version:

  1. For the app you want to review, go to the "Crashes" card.
  2. Tap the name of an individual crash or freeze (e.g. NullPointerException or IllegalArgumentException).
  3. To see the stack traces for that crash or freeze, tap Stack traces.

Analyze your data with dimensions

To help you organize, segment, and analyze your data, you can organize and view a report using an available dimension.

When you select a dimension, you'll see the data plotted in the graph above.Depending on which data card you're viewing, dimensions may include:

  • Android Version: Android OS version reported from the user's device
  • Country: Users' country
  • Language: Users' Android OS language setting
  • App Version: Version of your app

Download reports from Google Cloud Storage

You can access and download reports as CSV files from Google Cloud Storage. Reports are generated daily and accumulated in monthly CSV files.

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