In-app Billing availability & transaction fees

In-app Billing is available for developers in supported locations for merchants and can only be applied to digital goods offered in apps distributed on Google Play.

Purchases made through In-app Billing are available to users on devices running the latest version of the Play Store app. To use In-app Billing features, set up a payments profile.

In-app Billing requirements

  • Google Play Developer Programme Policies apply to in-app transactions.
  • The transaction fee applies to in-app transactions on Google Play.
  • Apps using in-app products must declare the permission in their APK manifest file. Without the permission, developers can only manage existing in-app products using the Play Console and any attempts by the app to make In-app Billing purchases will fail.
  • You may publish apps that use the permission in countries where users can't make in-app purchases on Google Play. To prevent your users from receiving errors, make sure your app doesn't start the purchase flow for users in non-billable countries. To check whether a country is billable, you can use the isBillingSupported request.

API documentation

Learn more about the In-app Billing API on the Android Developers site.

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