In-App Billing availability & policies

In-app Billing is available for developers in supported locations for merchants and can only be applied to digital goods sold in apps distributed on Google Play.

Purchases made through In-app Billing are available to users on devices running the latest version of the Google Play Play Store app. To use In-app Billing features, set up a Google Payments Merchant Center Account using the Google Play Developer Console.

Important: Apps using in-app products must declare the permission in their APK manifest file. Without the permission, developers can only manage existing in-app products using the Google Play Developer Console and any attempts by the app to make In-app Billing purchases will fail.

In-app Billing Version 3

To help you continue building successful apps, the In-app Billing Version 3 API makes it easier for you to integrate In-app Billing into your applications and is more powerful than previous versions.

Instead of using four different application components required by the asynchronous structure of the previous version, with just a few lines of code, In-app Billing Version 3 allows developers to make synchronous requests and handle responses directly from within a single activity. For developers implementing new In-app Billing products, the reduced implementation cost provides a great opportunity to get started with In-app Billing.

In-app Billing Version 3 introduces the following new features:

  • An improved design that makes applications simpler to write, debug, and maintain.
    • Integrations that previously required several hundred lines of code can now be implemented in as few as 50 lines.
  • More robust architecture that results in fewer lost transactions.
  • Local caching for faster API calls.
  • Long-anticipated functionality such as the ability to consume managed purchases and query for product information.

In-app Billing Version 3 is available to any application that uses in-app items. In-app Billing Version 3 is supported for Android devices running version 2.2 and higher that are running the latest version of the Google Play Google Play Store app (over 90% of active devices).

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