In-App Billing Availability and Policies


In-app billing is available to developers in supported locations for merchants. In-app billing may only be applied to digital goods sold inside applications distributed through Google Play. The Google Play program policies apply to in-app transactions. The standard 30% transaction fee applies to in-app transactions on Google Play.

Purchases through in-app billing will be available to users on devices running the latest version of Google Play. To see in-app billing features, please sign up for a Google Wallet Merchant Center Account via the Google Play Developer Console.

An important note: applications using in-app products must declare the permission in the APK manifest file. Without the permission, developers can only manage existing in-app products in the Google Play Developer Console. Any attempts by the application to make in-app billing purchases will fail.

Latest Iteration: Version 3

In-app Billing has recently launched version 3, making it even more powerful and flexible so you can continue to build successful applications. Instead of the four different application components required by the asynchronous structure of the previous release, the new version of the API allows developers to make synchronous requests and handle responses directly from within a single Activity, all of which are accomplished with just a few lines of code. The reduced implementation cost makes this a great opportunity for developers who are implementing new in-app billing solutions. Version 3 introduces the following new features:

  • An improved design that makes applications simpler to write, debug and maintain. Integrations that previously required several hundred lines of code can now be implemented in as few as 50.
  • More robust architecture resulting in fewer lost transactions.
  • Local caching for faster API calls.
  • Long-anticipated functionality such as the ability to consume managed purchases and query for product information.

In-app Billing version 3 is available to any application that uses in-app items (support for subscriptions is coming shortly). It is supported by Android 2.2+ devices running the latest version of the Google Play store (over 90% of active devices).

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